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Want to know more about the visual arts in Glasgow? Whether you're a local or planning a trip you can follow the stories and conversations from the city's venues here as they happen. Share, browse, follow, like, favourite and visit!

3 hours agoRT @KKolpashnikova: Great exhibition of Alasdair Gray! Thank you, @GlasgowGoMA
3 hours agoFull line-up for #LighthouseLate on Friday (29th)! Tickets £15pp via the Prides KLOË Man of Moon Kill The Waves Tea Green Pop Up Events - makers market Glasgow Short Film Festival screenings Drinks sponsored by Brugal Rum UK
5 hours agoRT @davemoutrey: @jwoodfilm and Phil Collins engaged in conversation following the screening of Tomorrow Is Always Too Long @HOME_mcr http:…
5 hours agoRT @VinzaiCON: "@ConstructChat: Traffic lights that tell you how long you have left. Good luck jumping these bad boys.
5 hours agoHave a friend that never commits to plans? If not it's you! Don't fret #LighthouseLate tickets also sold on the door!
5 hours agoAfternoon All, only four and a bit days until #LighthouseLate, go to - - to buy your ticket.