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Want to know more about the visual arts in Glasgow? Whether you're a local or planning a trip you can follow the stories and conversations from the city's venues here as they happen. Share, browse, follow, like, favourite and visit!

2 hours agoFashionably Architectural: 5 Designers Debut 3D-Printed Shoes. Some interesting designs! #fashion #architecture #design
6 hours agoThe penultimate free live evening performance at Radiophrenia Glasgow sees Elizabeth Veldon and Mary Knox, Jim Colquhoun with Jamie McNeill deliver a double bill at 7pm, while Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 rockumentary Live In & About the Barrowlands is i
8 hours agoJason F. McLennan selected to design Leonardo DiCaprio's restorative eco-resort. #design #island #ecoresort
10 hours agoRT @RCJPhotog: Sale: Backstreets by Robin Johnston – limited edition in bespoke frame – £200 A2, this print sold at @RGIArt #photo http://t
11 hours agoRT @GuideMeTours: If you're visiting @KelvingroveArt this weekend don't forget to download the fabulous tour App first
1 day agoRT @stamperfruitveg: @GSAExhibitions amazing great opening #catherinestreet come and see !!! 17-30th April
1 day agoRT @Brian_PagePark: Great day @GSofA discussing #buildingonmac and see surviving light fittings